Valuable benefits of sweet chicory

Valuable benefits of sweet chicory

The botanical name of Chico is Manilkara Zapota. In English it is called Sapodilla. It is apparently like a potato. It is round as well as elliptical.

This apple and pear-shaped fruit is extremely sweet when ripe.
If it is raw, it tastes juicy. Chico is a fruit rich in dietary fiber. Chico is rich in vitamins C, A and B1, while minerals include iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, calcium, potassium and fiber. Like other fruits, it clears gastric and intestinal mucosa, so it is also useful in diarrhea and cholera.

Produces enzymes that aid digestion and is also useful for people suffering from indigestion. The antioxidants in it have an extraordinary ability to defend against diseases. Various cancers such as breast and colon (colon). Useful in cancer. Relieves allergy patients, relieves allergies, can calm the nerves.

It is also a very useful fruit for those suffering from insomnia. It relieves intestinal inflammation and removes gastric acidity. This fruit is available from December to March while its peak is from February to April and then. Lives in October and December.

Some valuable benefits
Visual experts say that you must eat chicory to improve your eyesight.
Vitamin D in it provides a lot of energy as it contains high amount of glucose so athletes use it. Dietary fiber protects against various cancers as well as protects against constipation. Resistant. Vitamin C found in it has the ability to remove particles of potassium, folate and phosphorus.
Relieves nervous fatigue and calms them. It also helps to remove kidney and bladder stones and protects against kidney diseases. This fruit does not gain weight as its sweetness suggests. Of course, the opposite is true. Those who eat it do not suffer from obesity because it contains very little cholesterol and sodium.

Never eat raw chicory. It can cause mouth ulcers, sore throat and difficulty breathing.

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