The reality of the viral image of a human-sized bat

The reality of the viral image of a human-sized bat

A picture of a giant bat is going viral on Twitter these days. The photo went viral on Reddit two years ago today. This photo, made in the Philippines, shows a giant human-sized bat. The photo has been going viral on Twitter since last month.

The Twitter user wrote in the description of this picture that I told you that there are bats of human size in the Philippines, I was talking about them.

While some users on social media platforms have expressed surprise over the photo, many users have also expressed their doubts about it. However, this photo is not fake.

According to the fact-checking website Snoops, the animal in the picture belongs to this world. It is actually a species of bat, called the Great Golden Crown Flying Fox.

It is also known as the Golden Cape Fruit Bat. This type of bat is found only in the Philippines. The wingspan of this bat can be up to 5.5 feet but its body is only 1 foot high. Due to its size, it is slightly larger than ordinary bats, but it cannot be called a human-sized bat. However, its images can be taken from some of the angles that make it look like a human body.
A Twitter user for the Philippines has confirmed that the wingspan of this bat is quite high, but its size is by no means equal to that of a human.

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