Sweet juicy pears

Sweet juicy pears

The colors of God's power are seen in fruits among many other things. Each fruit has unique taste, color and medicinal properties. Similarly, there are many varieties of the same fruit such as pear, green. There are also elongated colors, yellow pears, yellowish green pears and reddish peaks, which we see in shops and stalls.

Another type of pear is called Bagu Gosha. Each type of pear has different characteristics. Finely peeled pear is juicy and sweet. Similarly, nature has put special pleasure and sweetness in the pear found in Kashmir.

This nutritious fruit contains healthy ingredients like sugar, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, protein and potassium.

Pears should be eaten with the peel so that the ingredients in it can be taken full advantage of.

The leaves and wood of the pear tree are also used as medicine. Its flowers are dried and kept which are useful for the heart and help to dry the wounds. The gum of this tree is also beneficial and also the seeds. Medicinal effects. Interestingly, pears help digest other things but are slow to digest themselves. The medical benefits of pears are as follows.

Stomach and respiratory odor

Some people have bad breath and use a variety of mouthwashes to get rid of it. Eating sweet pears stops bleeding gums and makes teeth feel hot and cold. Some people have more constipation. It is also associated with bad breath. If you eat two pears with peels after lunch, it will relieve constipation, intestines will be clean, food will be digested quickly, stomach will work properly. And in case of chronic constipation, another prescription is also very effective.
In the evening, make a salad by finely chopping two pears with peel. Sprinkle lemon juice on them and add a little salt. Peel this delicious lick regularly for 15 to 20 days. It will relieve constipation, will improve digestion, will make you hungry. In case of liver weakness, include pears in the diet along with regular treatment. Eat a medium-sized pear about two or three hours after breakfast and empty it in the evening, an hour before sunset. Peel the stomach
Adding one or two sweet pears to your daily diet also improves general health.

Heart friendly fruit

As well as relieving weakness, it lowers blood cholesterol and is therefore useful for patients with high blood pressure and heart disease. People who have recovered from a long illness and feel physically weak can also benefit from this fruit. Are
Eating pear jam reduces heart anxiety.

Pear face polish

Pear oil is also extracted, which is mixed with creams, moisturizers and cleaners and applied to the skin. I am also inserted.
Its shampoo keeps hair beautiful, soft and healthy and prevents hair from falling out and makes it grow better.

Make your own night cream

Grate a medium-sized pear and squeeze its juice. Wash it with a muslin cloth and mix it with a cup of almond oil. Shake it well with a fork so that it mixes well. Now heat 10 grams white wax in it. Mix. If all three things are not resolved, heat it on a low heat, put it in a bottle and apply it daily at night while sleeping and wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning. It is very useful for dry skin.

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