From time to time it happens in our life that we get sad, frustrated and bored. Usually these symptoms go away in a week or two or sometimes it takes less time - this sadness for any reason. It can start and sometimes it starts without any reason. Usually we fight the sadness ourselves first and try to fix it.

  • It does not require any treatment. But medically, sadness is called depression when:
  • The sadness lasts for many days and never ends.
  • Depression can be so severe that it can affect everyday life.

Causes of depression
Some people may or may not have a specific cause of depression. Many people who suffer from depression do not understand the specific cause of their sadness, nor can it be explained. They need both help and treatment -

It is normal to be sad for a while after a traumatic event such as the death of a close relative, divorce or job loss, but some people cannot get out of this sadness and become depressed.

Also, if we are lonely and we have nothing to talk about, we go into depression. As the saying goes, man is a social animal. Man needs man.

In some cases, depression is a family affair. For example, if one of your parents is depressed, you may be depressed.

On the contrary, it is possible that no one in your family has the disease and you may have it.
Some physical ailments, such as cancer or heart disease that take a long time to heal, can lead to depression.

Treatment of depression

  • The first and easiest solution to depression is to talk to others.
  • Whatever happens, accident, or whatever, talk to others about it, express -
  • Do some light exercise, even if only for a short time. Exercising has many health benefits.
  • Try to keep yourself busy, whether it's housework or something outside.

A balanced diet is very important. Keep eating fresh fruits and vegetables and eat more -

Get enough sleep.

Go to bed early at night and get up early in the morning to get a good night's sleep.
Keep reminding yourself over and over again that everything will be fine. The most important thing is that a person should not give up hope and work with courage on such an occasion. If all these things do not cure depression then you can take anti-depressant or see a doctor. There is nothing wrong with seeing a doctor and treating him, just like we go to the doctor for other ailments. If not, why not in this disease.

If a friend or acquaintance of yours is suffering from depression, you should help him and talk to him instead of calling him bad or making fun of him. Message, but in fact, if it is the same - do you know if we can save someone's life ... do you know if we can save someone from committing suicide with some of our sentences.

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