What is SEO? An Overview

What is SEO? An Overview

In an increasingly competitive world, what is SEO? Is it the same as the "Search Engine Optimization" business that so many of us do? Of course not.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a specific meaning in our digital world. Simply put, SEO is the use of keyword-rich web content, which is to be found on sites (the backbone of every business) in order to obtain a specific or targeted level of internet exposure.

SEO can be employed for obvious purposes. The purpose behind SEO, though, is not always immediately apparent to a new web surfer or visitor to your website.

To the untrained eye, what is SEO may appear to be a relatively simple and popular practice, however. SEO has long been misunderstood, and if executed by someone who is not an expert in this field, it can actually backfire on them. That is why it is absolutely critical that you choose a professional who is knowledgeable about SEO practices and well-versed in the nuances of digital marketing.

In other words, no matter how good you are at Search Engine Optimization, if you do not have a marketing savvy, you will likely fail with Google AdSense or Pay Per Click. Again, Google's AdSense program is used to create income from advertising on websites using AdSense, rather than relying solely on the price of the AdSense ad space.


When you decide to engage in SEO services, you are taking a leap into uncharted waters. You must get an expert to educate you on how SEO works and how to use it, both inbound and outbound.

Of course, all things being equal, you will generally find the best SEO service to work with to be those companies who work solely on SEO. After all, there is no guarantee that you will ever find someone who is excellent at SEO, or at what they do.

On the other hand, if you choose to utilize a SEO company, there are a few features to look for in any company that you wish to hire for SEO. Some features to look for are:

Hiring someone who has the ability to be conversant in all the terms and slang of SEO. This is very important.

A company that has plenty of experience in SEO. A good SEO company will actually possess a good amount of knowledge about the technical aspects of SEO, and knowledge about how best to implement SEO services.

An SEO company that can provide you with a number of different products and services. These include free training, free reports, technical advice, and a full support plan.

As you can see, a good SEO company has many advantages. Remember, these companies provide a service that you should never discount, and you should never neglect.

Key to Optimizing Your Website

The next key to optimizing your website is SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is not a single thing. It involves a lot of things like keyword research, link building, article writing, blog submissions, and much more.

SEO is an ongoing process and you need to do it continuously. You should always keep on updating your websites with fresh content and relevant to the latest trends. The major aspect to do for SEO is to look for and analyze links pointing to your site.

If you are unaware of what a link is, let me explain it. Links are basically anything that directs the users to your site. Some of the major links are social media, classifieds, blogs, videos, forums, RSS feeds, and directories.

Link building is also known as content marketing. In other words, it is an online marketing technique where you create content on your site in exchange for links to your site. Link building can get your site to a higher position in the search engines.

In fact, in the past when Search Engine Optimization was not part of SEO, sites had to have a unique resource box that has a link to the main page. However, with the advancements in SEO, it's not the case anymore. The new off page ranking formula came in that is able to analyze the links from social media, classifieds, blogs, and other sites to rank websites.

Social media, video and articles are the various content types that are being used to rank websites. The method is based on analyzing and rating the value of these content types in generating traffic. Social media is also called micro-blogging and its main purpose is to exchange posts that are generally in 140 characters.

One major advantage of social media is that it is not limited to a particular website. In fact, most of the websites in the world have accounts. Thus, you can place a link in their account to your website to increase the visibility of your site. Another important feature is that users of social media like to comment on the posted links to increase their popularity.

Classifieds and blogs are also an integral part of SEO. Both of them have pages that have a link that directs to your website. They are essentially forms of online marketing strategies. They are like social media pages.

An increasing number of websites out there are using blogs in order to boost their visibility. Blogs work by providing a description and a link that direct the users to the specific site. The main benefit of blogs is that they provide relevant information and give your site an overall edge over the rest. It gives the readers an opportunity to read on and think about the topic.

Blogs are also among the highest ranking that search engines use to identify websites. Thus, blogs are able to generate a large number of visitors. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced website owner.

Backlinks, or in simple put, links pointing to your website are very important in both off page and onpage optimization. Backlinks have to be search engine optimized and the major factor that decide the ranking is the number of sites linking to your site. SEO is a long term process and it has to be done constantly.

Website owners will always be competing for the same type of audience. It is a continuous process but the sooner you start, the better it will be for you.

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