Things were going on for a long time, I didn't know Corona would come

Things were going on for a long time, I didn't know Corona would come

The news of Pakistan Television's senior actress, Samina Ahmed's second marriage to the famous actor, Sahebhai, at the age of 70, surprised her.

For fans, this news was even more surprising as Samina Ahmed got pregnant after 70 lives and on the other hand, the Corona virus has kept the world locked down.

Talking to Samina Ahmed in this regard, she smiled and said that things had been going on for a long time and we had decided to tie the marriage bond but we did not know that Corona would come but we had married with simplicity. ۔

He said that I do not think that matters of life and that everyone has the right to go to life regardless of their own happiness, and that the decision of our marriage is also a decision on our happiness. No one should object at all.

Actress Samina Ahmed says that we are not an eighteen-year-old child who is making an emotional decision. She is also a perfect human being. We have done this marriage thinking with which both my children are happy.

On the question of going to Honeymoon, he said, "Just look at Corona and then Honey Moon will decide."

In this connection, contacted Samina Ahmed's son Zain Ahmed, who is also a theater performer and artistic director of Napa, he said that he knew about the marriage decision of Samina Ahmed and Sahar Sahbai and that decision. Happy with

It may be recalled that the famous actress Samina Ahmed was married to film director Farid Ahmed and has two children.

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