Sajjad Ali's gift to a 'friend' while living in Quarantina

Sajjad Ali's gift to a 'friend' while living in Quarantina

Renowned singer Sajjad Ali presents a 'friend' gift to his fans while staying in Quarantina because of Corona.

Singer Sajjad Ali has released the new song 'Dost' which he shared on Facebook and wrote that the ability cannot be quarantined.

He said the video of the 'friend' song was made between two weeks of quarantine for my fans all over the world.

Sajjad Ali in his new song lamented the arrival of the friend, while the lyrics of the song also make it clear that he is remembering the friend intensely.

As always this time, the fans appreciated the song and thanked him for his gift during the quarantine.

It should be noted that Sajjad Ali had earlier said in one of his messages that no matter if the corona virus could not be held in public places, there would be online concerts from now on.

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