Global outbreak: The mistake that Asia made 100 years ago is now being made by Western countries

The Corona virus, which started in China in December 2019, has infected more than 12 million people in more than 180 countries around the world since April 5, with the casualties approaching 66,000.

After the rapid outbreak of the Corona virus, health professionals and governments have instructed their people to wear face masks and in many countries people are following the instructions, but in some countries this has not happened.

Although there has been a shortage of face masks from Pakistan to the UK and the US to India, it is now reported that American companies have canceled orders from many countries to make face mask for the people of their own country. Have started collecting fee masks for

But even in many countries of the western world, including the United States, face masks are not being worn by many and many experts are calling this process a huge mistake.

Many experts say that despite the spread of the Corona virus from other western countries, including the United States, wearing a face mask is not the same as the face mask by Asian countries during the outbreak of the Spanish flu 100 years ago.

According to experts, today's Western countries are repeating the mistake made by Asian countries 100 years ago, while Asian countries are learning from a mistake made a century ago.

According to an article by the US Broadcasting CNN, exactly one year before the outbreak of Spanish flu in the world in 1918, the city of California, San Francisco, became the first city in which the local government to prevent disease. It was mandatory to wear a face mask.

The Spanish flu outbreak began during the First World War and affected about 50 million people worldwide and killed 5 million people, out of which 1 million died in the United States alone.

100 years ago, the San Francisco government enacted a law for fines for not wearing face masks - Photo: CNN

Just as New York is the worst affected by the Corona virus today, San Francisco was most affected by the Spanish flu in 1918, and the administration must put on a face mask while preparing for the severe outbreak. Was declared.

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According to CNN's article, the San Francisco government imposed a fine of $ 5 to $ 100 on a person who did not wear a face mask during Spanish flu in 1918, and imposed up to 10 days in jail or both. People started wearing face masks, resulting in a marked decrease in the spread of Spanish flu.

The article states that the San Francisco administration mandated wearing a face mask in early October 1918, after which other cities in the state of California made it mandatory to wear a face mask, which then spread to all states in the United States.

The article states that not only did all the states of the United States adopt the San Francisco government's decision to require a face mask to fight the Spanish flu, but many countries in Europe began the process. ۔
A century ago, government officials, including US police, were also forced to wear face masks - Photo: CNN

According to the article, a month after San Francisco, the administration of the city of Paris, France, also declared it necessary to wear a face mask, and the start of wearing a mask that began in the United States spread to Europe.

The article also cited articles published in the then-popular newspapers and magazines and described how churches and welfare organizations had made it mandatory for governments to wear face masks more than 100 years ago. And provided them with a large number of face masks, so that they could cope with an outbreak like the Spanish flu.

The article stated that at the time where ordinary people were forced to wear masks, government employees and officers, including police, military, medical volunteers, ships, were also required to use the mask. And there were consequences for that too.

The article compares the situation a century ago with the recent period and how experts and rulers of Western countries now have different opinions on whether or not to wear a face mask and how it is affecting society. People in Western countries are not wearing face masks.

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According to the article, in recent times, Asian countries, including Taiwan to the Philippines, are wearing face masks in all countries, and the outbreak of the Corona virus is apparently low.

Although the article did not cite the high prevalence of face masks in Asian countries as a result of Corona's proliferation, it has been reported that Asian countries have learned from their illnesses and outbreaks over the past 100 years and are now taking precautions. As they are making full use of the face mask.
In most countries in Asia, people prefer wearing face masks - Photo: YouTube / Screenshot

The article cited the use of face masks in Asian countries as compared to Western countries, as Asian countries have been suffering from many diseases and outbreaks even after the Spanish flu and even SARS in Asia more than a decade ago in 2003. The virus came on, which warned Asian countries and they started wearing face masks as security.

According to the article, Asian countries learned from their mistakes after confronting one epidemic and now facebook mask is being used extensively in almost all Asian countries but the use of face mask in Western countries from US to UK. Looks less

But now, with the rapid spread of the Corona virus from the US to the UK, experts and the government are forcing people to use the face mask, but until four weeks ago, experts were saying that healthy people No need to wear a mask.

But now US health experts have also expressed concern that the Corona virus may also be spreading through the air, so everyone should use a face mask when exiting.

Western countries, like Asian countries, are using handmade face masks after the shortage of face masks — Photo: chfi

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