Ashna Shah had to apologize after criticizing doctor

Ashna Shah had to apologize after criticizing doctor

Tributes are being paid to doctors and medical staff from all over the world in the corona virus war.

People from different walks of life are all saluting the services of doctors and medical staff as they are not only treating patients but also taking care of them in the palm of their lives.

 Videos of doctors and medical staff on social media are viral in which they dance about social distance while dancing with it, rejoicing in the well-being of patients.

While the videos scattered smiles on everyone's faces, TV actress Ashna Shah criticized her.

The actress wrote on social media, "I wonder if doctors, nurses have so much time to take breaks and dance".

Asha Shah was found expensive to criticize doctors and medical staff and her fans depended on the actress.

Responding to his post, the fans said that doctors and nurses are human too and they have the right to take breaks and there is nothing wrong with them if they are relieved at the break and rejoice in the patients.

The actress deleted the post after criticism broke out but after sharing another post, she apologized.

Ashna Shah explained in her post that she had no intention of hurting anyone's feelings. She was just confused as to why the medical staff had time to do dance work because she was sleeping at that time. Should do.

The actress apologized and wrote that she also believes that doctors and medical staff must rest, then they are the Messiah.

Ashan Shah also thanked the doctors and medical staff at the end and appreciated his services.

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