Ali Zafar's poem 'Peace' won the hearts of the people

Ali Zafar's poem 'Peace' won the hearts of the people
Rock star Ali Zafar wrote a beautiful poem, 'Peace' during Lockdown, which filled the hearts of people with an interest in Urdu literature.

The duration of the video of Ali Zafar's poem 'Silence' is 4 minutes 52 seconds in which he recites the poem in his own voice.

The singer even gave fans a video message before sharing the poem, saying that listening to the poem 'Silence' in this difficult time will surely bring comfort.

Consumers love Ali Zafar's poem 'Comfort' and the talent of the singer is also greatly appreciated.

A user named Luqman praised Ali Zafar's voice and wrote, "There is definitely a calmness in your voice".

One user wrote, 'Brother rejoices, brother is killed.'

Another user wrote, 'What is this comfort in the tears flowing from my eyes when listening to this excellent poem? Ali Bhai you are an asset of this era, happy.'

It should be noted that even earlier, Zafar wrote a beautiful poem which was well-liked on the occasion of Women's World Day.

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