Alert by Experts Spraying Gate Physicians

Alert by Experts Spraying Gate Physicians

KARACHI: Disinfecting sterilized walkthrough gates in places across the country have been termed as 'toxic torture' and 'false assurance of protection' by medical experts.

According to the Dawn newspaper, such gates have been installed at several public places, such as hospitals, vegetable markets and railway stations, despite lockdowns caused by the spread of the Corona virus in the country.

Talking to the Dawn in this regard, Dr. Shireen Khan, chief of the Department of Dermatology at Fatima Jinnah Hospital in Quetta, said the doors are level.

He added that the public should remember that passing through these gates does not kill the virus inside the body; these walkthroughs do not provide complete protection against the virus nor have it been suggested by the World Health Organization. ۔

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Experts say that such measures require huge investment and should be made on the basis of scientific evidence.

Dr Shireen Khan added that if people go through this kind of gate, they should not forget basic precautions such as social distance, sneezing and washing hands.

On the other hand, Dr. Shobha Lakshmi, an obstetrician and assistant professor of obstetrics at Dow University of Health Sciences, said, "This is a new joke that is being done to the public."

"It's just a waste of money," he said, adding that he too had been offered a gateway to a hospital by a philanthropist who was denied because the virus would not die, to break it. 30 seconds will be required.

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Meanwhile, Dr Mukhtar Zaman, head of the Department of Pulmonology at Rehman Medical College Peshawar, said such gates would only 'sterilize clothes' even if the passenger passed slowly.

The basic principle of virus prevention is maintaining hygiene and establishing social distance, while chemicals used in the spray can cause allergies and shortness of breath, he said.

'Spray can affect face and eyes'
In addition, on the World Health Organization (WHO) website, the answer to this question is: "Spraying alcohol or chlorine on your body will not kill the virus that enters the body, but rather spray it with such products. May damage clothing, face and eyes.

The World Health Organization warns that alcohol and chlorine can be sterilized, but proper instructions are needed.

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Be aware that adding 70% alcohol to a sterile solution is expensive, so people are adding chlorine (bleach used in homes).

Experts have stressed that avoiding the use of chlorine in the form of sprays, he said, "The use of pesticides should not be used on people to sterilize the surface and things and chemicals. Can also damage the skin, eyes and throat of the lungs.

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